Flight of the Dragon

Running out of time.

Lillian’s father has the Ring of the Reborn. The queens hold shut the door, for now. In 18hrs & 36 min’s they will no longer be able to hold it closed and Vasalia will hold sway. A translation if The Song of Resd. has been found in the library in Sharn. But, it holds no power. The gnomes have many, many secrets, perhaps they hold a much closer translation. The party is racing against the clock for the information they need to enter the Mists of Time and sing at the alter of Eternity.

Lords of Dust

The Lords of Dust are preparing to launch an attack on Khorvaire. They’re softening up the country by allying with the primordials. Willow is dead as are many of the druidic inner circle and the Ents. The party is researching how to go about the, Erevan has a book Doctrine and Ritual for Commanding the Elements. They’ve found that a ritual performed at the Alter of Tomorrow bound them originally.

Killing the brother

Caught Erevan’s brother and imprisoned him in stone.

The K-Dar

The K-Dar were being slowly wiped away as a people. Their mages driven insane and attacks by beings that took over their bodies were forcing them to kill each other. The party found out the beings were themselves being forced into this plane and they were able to help the problem by stabilizing the children with magical power and stayed to help them re-learn magic. The party re-established a new barrier for the K-Dar.

A brief history of events since The Chosen

*The Chosen were dead. Their final moments had been a psychic backlash that had ended up killing Stephen, and badly injuring Parmelk. And as she was in the hospital recovering, and cursing Stephen for dying, Glacius started malfunctioning very badly. They called the engineer who had been privy to Glacius’s vastly different physiology from the beginning, much as they hated him, they could trust him not to reveal Glacuis’s secrets, and received the next blow. Glacius was dying, and nothing could save him, his physiology was to different, to experimental, to unknown blast it all! Desperate, they went back to the only thing they had, the book of Glacius that they’d found when they’d found him. And this time, they used every ritual and code=cracking technique they knew, and found it. The secret to his construction, the reason he was so different and could use the elemental cold as he did. His maker had used a ritual to slay a sentient elemental ice creature and had captured it’s soul and used it to form part of Glacius’s prime matrix’s. That part of him had taken the most damage, and was now dying. To save him, they would need to use the same technique, to capture and transplant the soul of a powerful elemental ice creature in Glacius. They began discussing it, after all, Parmelk was a ritual caster, she could perform the ritual for him. But, when they turned to Parmelk and said, “Take a look at the ritual, what all will you need to cast it?” She looked them straight in the eye and said, “Find another caster. I’m not doing it.” and turned and walked away. That when Adrik realized just what he was so easily discussing a moment before, cold-blooded murder. “When did I become this? I’m not this!” he thought to himself, and turned and looked at Glacius and Erevan. I can’t do this either. I need some time to meditate, time to find myself again. I’ll get back in touch with you when I’ve done that, or maybe not. I don’t know yet. Right now I don’t know anything about myself." and he left. Erevan, his wounds from having lost his brothers still fresh was determined not to lose this adopted family member, he could, and would kill to save Glacius. So, he did what he knew to do, called on an old friend to help him, a friend from his mercenary days, a friend for whom fine distinctions of morals was for others. And he and Glacius together left to obtain a soul. In the end, the moralty hadn’t mattered, much, they bought a soul, from someone who traded in such things, they didn’t ask any questions as to what it was or where it had come from, didn’t matter really, they were prepared to murder, they couldn’t cast stones on someone else who might have. When they returned they found Adrik and Parmelk again. Parmelk had been having visionswhile she was inthe sanctuary meditating, but,without any real clues as to when and where those visions were taking place, she was somewhat forced into inactivity, not something that sat well with her. And she was not at all happy to see Stephen. As devasted as she’d been to feel him die, she was more upset at finding him now as a ghost, and with Glacius and Erevan. Adrik was wary of Glacius at first, but, finding him much the same, he’d simply accepted what was.
*Stephen had been wanting to see his mentor, Joran, for some months now,and now that he, Stephen, was dead, that urge had been becoming much stronger. He statedhis intention to see his old mentor,and the rest of the party,somewhat at loose ends, and rather curious about Stephen now that he was dead, decided to accompany him. But,first they took soil and plant samples from the lands The Chosen had contaminated and found it tainted. Adrik decided he would report his finding to the Druidic Council, and was tasked with accompanying Willow, a council elder, to see Shemethi of House Jorasco to see if the work he’d been doing on the Mournlands could be used to heal the lands The Chosen had tainted. Once they’d seen Shemethi he was interested in the problem, and saw it as a way to test the ritual he’d been working on on a much smaller scale, as obtain druidic assistance for the work. As Adrik wasgoing to be close to that area, he’d been asked to obtain samples of the Mournlands lands, from as deep as possible.

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